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          WildC.A.T.S: Covert Action Teams: 1×3: 1x3

          Cry of the Coda

          War breaks out between the fictional countries of Yurgovia and Lucitain. HALO Enterprises coincidentally has its European headquarters there.

          Warblade and Zealot spar in a «»Danger Room»» type setting. She easily defeats him. She chides him for his human weaknesses. Warblade, angered by her cutting remarks stalks out. Grifter tries to explain the human condition to Zealot but it falls on deaf ears.

          Jacob Marlowe summons the WildCATs after an «»earthquake»» destroys HALO’s European headquarters in Lucitain. Void suspects the earthquake is not natural. She suspects the earthquake to be a secret weapon of the Yurgovians.

          The WildCATs teleport to Lucitain. Spartan leads the ‘CATs into the front lines. They easily stop the Yurgovian troops until the coda arrive. The Yurgovians retreat. A lone Coda attacks Spartan from the back and retreats. Zealot, shocked at seeing the Coda pursues her. Grifter attempts to stop her, unsuccessfully. Spartan decides not to go after Zealot.

          Oct. 15, 1994

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