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          X-Men: Evolución: 3×2: 3x2

          The Stuff of Heroes

          Rogue and Wolverine duck a squad of soldiers when the nationwide alert goes out against mutants, while Storm and Beast go into a meeting of Congress to defend themselves. Meanwhile Juggernaut goes on a rampage and the X-Men feel obliged to take him down before he further turns the public against mutants. Even Cyclops’ unvisored energy blasts can’t stop him, but they get his helmet off so Rogue can touch him and take his powers, defeating him and finding out from his thoughts where Professor X is – left in Juggernaut’s old holding cell by Mystique. The President clears the X-Men of all charges, reveals that Trask was the one responsible for the Sentinel attack, and asks the public for understanding.

          Sep. 21, 2002

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