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          X-Men: Evolución: 3×3: 3x3


          During the rebuilding of the manor, Kitty and Kurt intercept a bunch of graffiti artists disguised as monsters. The older students get to go back to Bayville High for one day before attending a hearing to determine their ultimate fate, whiel they are banned from using their powers. Kurt manages to avoid being asscociated with them using his hologram projector, putting him at odds with his friends. Wolverine spars with one of Magneto’s henchmen, Colossus, while Principal Kelly maneuvers the Brotherhood into returning to Bayville and attacking Xavier’s students along with Duncan. While the X-Men sans powers spar with the Brotherhood, Jean gives a speech at the hearing and the X-Men eventually prove themselves by using their powers to help during the Brotherhood’s rampage and the board votes to allow them back in.

          Sep. 28, 2002

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