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          X-Men: Evolución: 3×4: 3x4

          The Stuff of Villains

          Wanda goes searching for pietro,she finds him at a diner and procedes to get him arrested in the assumption that Magneto will come bail him out. Meanwhile the brotherhood’s members are expelled from school, much to Lance’s dismay. Also Gambit shows up at school, with the sole purpose of getting the brotherhood to join Magneto and to free Pietro. Although he first saves Evan from being expelled by scaring two students who got him to use his powers. Rogue and Kitty follow Gambit and the brotherhood’s members in their own way of hitch-hiking.They almost get captured by the army but are saved by an officer who knew they were not to blame for the «accident» that freed Pietro, who immedialty asserts himself as leader of the brotherhood, with Gambits help.

          Oct. 05, 2002

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