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          X-Men: Evolución: 3×8: 3x8

          Self Possessed

          Rogue appears to have problems with her powers, as the residual impressions of everyone she has touched start flashing through her mind and body. Mystique, warned by Destiny, returns in her student guise to get close to Rogue as everyone attends a concert. Rogue is overwhelmed by the crowd and begins making random contact with everyone, including Mystique. Rogue begins shapeshifting and replicating the powers of other people she’s touched, including Sabertoth, and goes on a rampage. The X-Men attack, unaware that it’s Rogue. She manages to escape but Mystique tracks her down, revealing she adopted Rogue. Wolverine figures out it’s really Rogue as she begins using everyone’s powers simultaneously, using Jamie’s powers to make an army of super-powered selves. Logan and Xavier manage to get through to her but Destiny predicts the rise of an ancient, dark mutant power.

          Nov. 16, 2002

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