Cybersix (1999)

Cybersix (1999)

Sep. 06, 1999
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1Temporada 1 Sep. 06, 1999


In the dark megalopolis of Méridiana, the silhouette of a mysterious character named Cybersix emerges. It is a creature of Doctor Von Reichter who fights against his abominable creations thus preventing him from carrying out his plans. By day, Cybersix, or rather Adrian Seidelman, is a literature teacher in a high school and ‘transforms’ into a Cybersix at night to foil Von Reichter’s plans. While remaining incognito, she obtains the help of her friend Lucas Amato, a science teacher in the same high school. She will also be accompanied by Julien, a young boy who made a living from flights before returning to the right path, but also and above all by Data 7, a black bioroid panther. She will in fact face especially José, the «clone» son of Von Reichter.


Cybersix (1999)
Cybersix (1999)
Cybersix (1999)
Cybersix (1999)
Título original Cybersix
TMDb Rating 7 1 votos
Fecha de primera emisión Sep. 06, 1999
Última transmisión Nov. 29, 1999
Temporadas 1
Episodios 13
Duración media 30 minutos

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